We are a duo of blazing young writers of screenplays, prose, and poetry and all round literati.  The Critical Grasp provides film reviews that are more in-depth than your typical major newspaper or site review, and hopefully more entertaining to boot.  What interests us?  Cultural significance, the battlefield of ideology, sex, the end of the world, sex again, love, pain, transcendence, hilarity, and genuinely moving stories – mashed up together and in no particular order.

Find in the CRITICAL GRASP category our staple articles that open some parts of the body of a film.  Poking around in there, we hope to show you something that will enthrall, disturb, and ravish you.

Find in the FOREIGN GRASP category articles pertaining to siestas, wasabi, Greek mythology… that’s right – anything predominantly manufactured in Hollywood.

Finally, find in the OVERARCHING GRASP category articles pertaining to trends in the industry.  How are Hispanics portrayed in film?  How will the 3D market affect box office ticket sales?   We’re prepared to explore, and take you along for the ride.

We hope you enjoy it.


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