Apollo 18’s Lunar Truth

The impeccably real – and terrifying – moonscape

If you’ve searched for www.lunartruth.com like many of us have, it is a testimony to how realistically director Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego has managed to put together Apollo 18.  In large part, Gallego achieves this through the home movie filming style strongly reminiscent of movies like the Blair Witch Project.  The biggest challenge to our suspension of disbelief is the mere existence of a complex life form on the moon, although a devil’s advocate will point out that extremophiles do manage to exist in places above boiling point, for example, in conditions of extreme acidity or under extreme pressure such as at the bottom of ocean trenches, and they do suspect life on one of Jupiter’s moons, Europa.  Regardless, Gallego makes no gaffs that yank us from our willful suspension of disbelief.  We are led slowly towards the reality of the creatures in a well-paced unfolding of discovery and crisis.  If you haven’t seen it yet, the setup is that NASA has sent two astronauts to the moon on a secret mission and has outfitted them with cameras that they set up around and inside their spacecraft in addition to having one with them at all times.  On top of the filming, the rendering of the moonscape and other environmental features (like 1/6th the gravity) are impeccable.

The real villain of the movie, however, is the American government (and the Department of Defense) that has used these two astronauts as expendable test subjects to gather information about the deadly life form on the moon.  Nixon lied plainly and directly to the entire American populace, we’re reminded, so why wouldn’t the government lie to us now?  And, like the astronauts, we’re troubled by this question now more than ever with so many debacles, censorships, and conspiracies facing the western world – from a state of perpetual war and alarm to oil spills to a president that has increased military spending, reduced domestic spending and, while being commander-in-chief of multiple war theatres, wins the Nobel Peace prize.  The list of absurdities is long, and Apollo 18 taps into our political disillusionment quietly, in the background, as most good dramas do while a much more tangible opponent fills the screen.

If all this needs one concrete symbol in the film, it is the uprooting and shredding of the American flag by the creatures.

On top of being culturally relevant, Apollo 18 is scary, well-acted science fiction that provides a fresh counterpoint to the big and heartless sci-fi films we so often end up enduring.

4.5 / 5

145 thoughts on “Apollo 18’s Lunar Truth

  1. My only thing is this: If they had such awesome video camera’s back in 1972 (which is when Apollo 18 was supposed to launch), why in the hell did it take them over 30 years to release decent hand-held camcorders to the rest of the world???

    1. Lol, if the government had such equiptment such as the hand held camera… Do you think they would release it to the public? No! Back then it was top notch!!! Just like today….do you think we the public have access to the things the military owns??? Again the answer is no!!!

    2. I swear to GOD if you think this movie is real you have an IQ of 35. It’s just a movie plain and simple for the enjoyment of small minded people like you!!

      1. what ? really ? dude your on the wrong website, this is for people who are able to expand their mind and acknowledge the fact there is other shit out there. stuff that were not aware of, its been this way since FOREVER. you are a douchebag. and ignorant.

    3. I had my first hand held video camera in 1974. It was as big as a small suitcase and weighted about 15# but it took the same type of pictures as in the movie, but in color. It used a BETA tape which was smaller that the VHS tape.

    4. There isn’t one world government you can trust and the American government is probably bottom on the list with virtually every country in the world not the people they have caused most of the problems in the world selling democracy when there is no such thing

  2. The 16mm Camera that was taken to the moon and filmed all the close action on the surface must have floated a long way back to earth to get back to the director of this film. Last i saw it was supposedly trapped in the space ship with Anderson being eaten alive by rock spiders, unless of course Apollo 19 bumped into it on its way to the moon and grabbed the bag containing the hours of film avoided the spiders and made it back to earth uninfected, complete Joke of a film

      1. I paid very close attention to the movie as it was very suspenseful but I don’t remember them saying anything about streaming the footage to Earth. The dialogue was hard to hear throughout much of the movie and I had the subtitles on to help me understand what they were saying. I do remember them saying something like “they won’t leave us up here because they want the footage.” It wouldn’t make sense to say that if the footage was already being streamed to Earth. Did they even have video streaming capabilities in 1974? (It was ’74, not ’72. I definitely remember that part clearly.)

      2. Do you remember which scene or aproximately where in the movie it was explained that the footage was streamed to Earth? The only thing I remember from the movie that would suggest the footage was streamed was when at the end of the movie the DOD says to Ben “we are aware of your situation” or something like that and then they refused to let him return to Earth because he was “contaminated”. I didn’t understand how anyone on Earth knew what was happening because communications had been down.
        Was it the P25D things? (P5D2? P2D5?) I remember them talking about those things transmitting something or jamming signals or something.

      1. t The only portion that was streamed back to eatrth was the motion camera by the moon rover!! DID ANYONE watch this film?? So How did the footage get recovered?? OH WAIT IT DID’NT!! because its only a movie!! I think this movie is A slap in the face to everyone who has ever worked with the space program. my whole family has had some part to play in thr rise of thr space program from doing security to being engineers. My grandfather has worked on all the Apollo missions as a quality control engineer and he was insulted by this movie. And on top of it all this movie comes out right after our worst president shuts down the Shuttlr Program. sorry bout some spelling my E key somtimes doesnt work right

      2. I agree, I remember seeing the streamed video of the first landing, which I remember was live on TV, also the streamed video of the space ship taking off from the moon, and the spiel, the earth bound camera man, saying, was such a mind bending experience as he had to time it to the speed of light, to get it right, to catch the craft through lift off into space. I personally don’t believe there were any flights to the moon, as I believe they were all taped just north of Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada that’s why the astron….., went there, and so did Robert Kennedy in the mid 60’s. To the Base that the Americans had a lease on at that time, the British use it now for summer desert training!

    1. are you dipshit?
      it seem you never know how to understand the movie
      maybe you always look for something horrible and not what they’re doing

      1. brad, no one gives a shit about what your family did. stfu. like I said before your on the wrongwebsite, you got nothing better to do. your grandpa was then paid off, select people only would know about the footage. you should really d your homework before you open your big flappy mouth

    2. Yup. This is one of the worst conspiracy films I have ever seen. I feel like I lost 10 IQ points from watching it. There are so many holes in it it’s just insane. Rock Spiders? Really?! How would such a small creature flip a rover? How would they survive for eons without food? They must be super ninja rock spiders to completely avoid any form of detection. If they are so aggressive, why didn’t any of the other Apollo missions come under assault? Or have any contact at all? The script at the end of this steaming pile of crap says moon rock samples were given as gifts to powerful people, insinuating that previous missions took some of these things back to earth without incident, but this one some 5-10 years later was a complete catastrophe where all control was lost….. BOOOO!!!! I for one will NEVER even consider watching another film that anyone involved in the making of this ridiculous piece of rubbish has anything to do with. In fact, I wouldn’t even wipe my ass with the film it was made on for fear of being infected with the brain disease that made the makers of this film so crazy retarded. BOOOOO!!!!! I watched it for free on Netflix and still feel like I should get my money back!

  3. hold on i can prove this is all true. a: the soviet landing craft and the united states pod collided (with all the film inside)when they collided they were launched out synchronus orbit therefore slingshotting them to earth.where the tape can be found. as earlier said the tape was found by russians even more possible because of the amount of time russia is in front of the moon becaue it is such a large country. b: it is a fact that theyre were russian “satelite” (excuse my spelling if its wrong) launches that were to large to be what they were aid to be. c: theyre were radio transmissions from an out of date capsule to a russian space/military installation in the past 9 months the transmission lasted 8 minutes before it was patched throught to a washingtn d.c dod building. i kno this because i have records of all transmissions in the past 9 months because i am a pilot for joint force ops in russia. d: the “satelite” that was lauched exactly two months before the fall of the soviet union and the wreckage was found may 9, 2011 in an area in the area of irkutsk, russia with materialfrom those of a soviet era landing pod and a current united states orbital and recovery and dispatch pod. there were also trace amounts of an unidentified material of foreign substance to that of a human. no bodies were found

    1. if your part of the russian joint force and you have access to these files and transmissions then why only say it on this website? why not put it out in the world more than this? i mean this something that can be very real and people are just blowing it off like dust in the wind. and also how are you able to talk about it on the internet and releasing classified stuff like that without getting in trouble with the russian law force?

      1. due to the fact that most countries EXCEPT america are more open towards disclosure on subjects of this matter i.e. the existence of extraterrestrial life. look at other documentaries such as Unsealed: Alien Files and such. it is common knowledge how much effort the US government puts into cover ups and dis/misinformation. sure the footage in the movie is more than likely fake. however that DOES NOT mean that this type of thing CANT happen. my personal belief is that only human arrogance and naivety would assume that we are alone in the cosmos.

    2. Why even discuss this?! Its a movie!….period!…the only transmission is from Hollywood to All of us…….just like Forest Gump…it’s like saying; did he really exist…….hmmmmmm. Probably some of you guys think he did since there are Bubba Gump restaurant all over the world now! 🙂

  4. Your all retarded. The govt has things well before we do. Take the internet, “Research into packet switching started in the early 1960s and packet switched networks such as ARPANET, Mark I at NPL in the UK,[5] CYCLADES,[6][7] Merit Network,[8] Tymnet, and Telenet, were developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s using a variety of protocols. The ARPANET in particular led to the development of protocols for internetworking, where multiple separate networks could be joined together into a network of networks.” Wow, and the government start streaming not long after that. The govern keeps things from us till they are almost obsolete to them, so is it really hard to believe this could have actually happened.

    1. they disappeared, there where abouts was unknown. obviously they were confiscated to deny any evidence. I thought this stuff was common sense ? if per say these spider things were real they obviously used to a very high pressure like environment. or they wouldn’t be able to survive, either or. there are a hundred different explanations of what could have happened

  5. so every one thinks that all the activities of NASA are bullshit? while american spends a lot of money every year on its projects.this movie well i think is modified not edited only.

  6. then you are claiming to be a Russian astronaut, and the film and real?

    Затем Вы заявляете, что быть русским космонавтом, а также кино и реальным?

    Затым Вы заяўляеце, што быць рускім касманаўтам, а таксама кіно і рэальным?

    entonces se dice ser un astronauta ruso, y la película y lo real?

    allora si richieda di essere un astronauta russo, e il film e reale?,


    Я даже считаю, что русские выпускать больше вещей, которые американцы, как раз американцы хотят господствовать в мире и быть центром Вселенной, что это не так. Они фарс, налагаемых за мир и поработить беднейших слоев населения и в Африку.
    Я даже считаю, что русские выпускать больше вещей, которые американцы, как раз американцы хотят господствовать в мире и быть центром Вселенной, что это не так. Они фарс, налагаемых за мир и поработить беднейших слоев населения и в Африку.
    Я надеюсь, что истина много вещей, чтобы быть выявлены скоро мире, и вы уже знаете, что они могли выпустить много, не так ли?

  7. Im not saying this video is real or fake but ppl need to start opening theyre eyes u think this government is going to tell you everything they know …. If anything this government is more crooked than anything u can imagine they feed society bullshit so they wont have to tell you the truth.. They probably had our newest technology back in the 80s for all you know …. Look at the japs their technology is so mucn advanced from ours that they probably had these new high tech phones years ago and were barely buying this crap… Maybe all this is real or fake but how many conspiracies do we have on this government “(9/11)” is that the number of conspiricies or an act… We as the ppl of our nation need to quite focusing on the bs and pay much attention on how this government is fucking us …. ( excuse my language n the typos ) …. Beleive half of what you read and hear and nothing of what you see

    1. This Government, like any other Government will never acknowledge the existence of extra-terrestrials. To do so would be an admittance of the inability to protect our borders from invasion.If this film about Appolo 18 is real it indeed does leave a boatload of unanswered questions and the possibilities of “What If”

    2. Yeah, classified info obviously exists and the gov. obviously lies to the public every day. Over all though I find it ridiculous to say we are getting screwed. If making us the most powerful country on the planet, with one of the highest standards of living, where people can actively and openly protest the gov without being shot on sight is getting screwed, then I am uncle sam’s #1 whore & I love it. Only a fool would trust their government and only an even greater fool would think they should be able to trust their government. All things being said this is still the dumpiest movie I have seen in at least 5 years. BOOOOOOOO!!!!

  8. I would put nothing past any government on earth to lie to it’s people, but how could a launch be covered up? Someone had to see it go up. The film indicates that the Apollo 18 mission never existed. Something is not right here.

    1. Well, do we really know, or believe what they tell us they are all putting up there????
      weather satalite, coms satalite??? who knows, only “them” BUT we get to pay for it.

    2. When the Jumbo Jet that had just left J.F.Kennedy Airport in NYC was shot down by Army National Guard on manuevers in Long Island, Yes, shot down, there were hundreds of “witnesses” who described 2 streams of light, later thought to be 2 guided missles, hit the Jet bringing it down off the U.S. coast and causing loss of life in the 400’s the Government denied and downplayed the whole tragic incident. A Newsman, Eric Severaid , was forced to flee to France because of his relentless pusuit of the truth. Oh, No doubt Appolo 18 had its witnesses in California but if the Government stated it never happened, then it never happened

  9. I believe this definitely happened. I guess it is the way the movie portrayed it. There are some things in this world that defies logical explanations (UFO sightings, Bermuda Triangle, even Demonic Possession. I read my bible often and even Jesus told Nicodemus, “If I have told you of earthly things and you do not believe, how shall you believe if I tell you of heavenly things”(John 3:12, KJV). (That statement he was referring to a man being born again into God`s family but it also can be applied to many unexplained phenomena).

    1. ““If I have told you of earthly things and you do not believe, how shall you believe if I tell you of heavenly things”(John 3:12, KJV). (That statement he was referring to a man being born again into God`s family but it also can be applied to many unexplained phenomena).”

      That isn’t good hermeneutic. Best to stick with what it says in context.

  10. > The footage was streamed to Earth, it explained it in the movie if you paid any attention.

    There were no analog-to-digital converters in the late 70’s fast enough to digitize video at a decent quality and frame rate — the whole concept of ‘streaming video’ simply did not exist back then.

    1. ” the whole concept of ‘streaming video’ simply did not exist back then.”

      That you are aware of- just playing ‘devil’s advocate’. Presuming that technology has been suppressed from public consumption by Governments/military, then it follows that the idea of streaming in the 70’s is plausible- if unlikely.

  11. This film did heighten our awareness of governmental and global conspiracy as it related to alien life. UFOs are real and can no longer be a character in a syfy thriller. I hope to live long enough to see and witness contact from ET.

  12. it seams odd that u cant get on lunartruth.com all websites seam to be not working.i dont know how the footage got back to earth… the hush hush of the usa gov. strikes again…. DO YOU BELIEVE IN ALIENS KINDA MAKES ME WONDER.

  13. if a spider was in my suit like that, i would just fart and “dutch oven” him in my suit and then he would want to leave me alone. especially if i ate broccoli.
    that’s what those astronauts should have done. eaten broccoli and farted.

  14. great movie and only goes to show how secretive the u.s of a really is. I mean just let us know wtf you are doing instead of all this hiding behind our back %@% all the time!

  15. why would you not carry a flash light into the crater instead of a stobe light? the footage was not streamed back to earth like somebody else said. if that was the case they wouldn’t need film.

  16. This movie has left an empty hole inside both my heart and soul. I can only imagine the emptiness those who paid to see this tragic mess of a “movie” in the theatre must have felt as they settled in to watch this piece of crap with their over-priced soda-pop and popcorn. It was so painful to watch that one can only compare it to the experience of a fecal disimpaction performed with a rusty gardening tool and managed by a sadistic sociopathic and mentally-disabled Mexican gardener. The last twenty minutes especially have haunted me the way I presume being forced to watch my parents engage in a sexual romp together in my own bedroom might feel like. I can never regain the time I wasted on this movie, and this comment has only syphoned more minutes away from what was an enjoyable existence for me. To the film makers, I can only hope that there is a special room in hell for you where you are forced to drink energy drinks and eat Barbecued cow pies while watching and endless loop of this craptastic “suspenseful” dark void you have passed off as a film. Thank you for your time and happy new year.

  17. The Apollo missions were completly funded through Apollo 20. The misson takes place in 1974 and not 1972 as some have stated. NASA has sent numerous “probes” back to the moon…why? Don’t they already know all they need to know? Or are they looking to make sure the lunar module (liberty) can not be found? People on earth have already spotted previous lunar landing sites and have identified the used lunar landing platforms. Would the US government send up and unannounced rocket to the moon? The remains of Apollo 19 sits on the grounds of Cape Canveral in Florida. What happened to Apollo 18’s rocket?

  18. sooo, guys please hear me out… i tryed to acces lunartruth.com and failed…i kept pressing enter until i finaly accesed it.black background and i saw all the documents. i tryed to refresh the page and it was gone. i could not get it back…. if anyone has anything to say leave a comment and i will reply…

    1. u wil have to hack it find someone that knows how and just tel him or her its going to take a long fucking time then u can keep the site open in the middel of the page on the left there is a button u cant c its the same colour as the page click it and you wil c stuff i wish i didnt now i dont know y the button is hidden but if u c that shit you wil also realize it cannot be fake and also after being on the site for more then an hour my pc shut down and my harddrive was fucked and then fuck know how they did it i got a message in my phone syaing u just ignore what u saw y who ever it was didnt just dellet it of the internet i dont know …. i wil never replay to u again i had to set my email to send the message

      1. I went to lunartruth.com on my phone and i went down until there was a break in the paragraphs for no apparent reason and kept clicking until there was a blue outline like it was trying to open something but it just stayed on the page.

  19. Generally, nice special effects, but the simulated home movie look quickly became tedious. The overly jerky home movies taken during the astronauts barbecue appeared as though a 3 year old filmed them – overkill on the simulated “home movie” idea. The movie kept my interest until the rocks started turning into spiders. What a silly premise. I mean, really?

  20. How can you prove that you are telling the truth about who you are, or that you have such access other than just saying so? And why would a pilot have access to transmission records for space programs, expecially anything that has to do with the United States DOD?Anything that may post threat to United States government would not be released by any means, they would call that a threat to our national security or some bs. If you can show some proof to what you say and to who you say you are, then possibly people may believe you. How do we know if your not just some guy that created this site and such just to try to make it more believable? Everyone knows that seeing is believing, so show us all some proof!
    “i kno this because i have records of all transmissions in the past 9 months because i am a pilot for joint force ops in russia.”
    oh bullsh#t
    I would love to see some proof, i would be a little more convinced then.
    I cant spell so well either….

  21. ok im just saying this i belive in other life out there and stuff but i know this is fake, i mean come on rock spiders! its just a movie made to scare a few teens on a date. we have all seen these movies before their fake. people who think there real are just trying to give their lives a little more excitement. and if it were real dont you think these “rocks” would have done the same things to 12, and 17! Stop letting the 20 second scentences at the beginning of a low budget film run your life.

  22. the movie was awesome but a little unbelieveable!! I do know computers have been around since the 60’s and it took them 30 yrs. to give us access to that also!!

  23. I just watched Apollo 18…Both me and my Dad believe either a big disastrous thing happened on the moon, that’s why we haven’t gone back to the moon. And the other thing was that why wasn’t the press, news, and other people like Nancy Grace, all buzzing about it…It just really doesn’t make sense. But maybe the Government had told them to keep hush hush about it.

  24. I just watched this “movie”/real footage… And all i have to say is that it made me re-think extraterrestrial life on the moon, or even in outer space… Like i said, we dont know anything about any of the apollo’s moon landings besides the fact that apollo 11 landed on the moon and placed the american flag… I really want to know what they are holding and cuz im sick and tired of people saying “ohh aliens arent real” or the fact they think aliens can shapeshift. I really hope and dot hope at the same time that this is real. And possible not last post but farewell.

  25. and it streamed live…plus think life dose not have to mimic us…maybe these things dont need to breathe…maybe this did happen…and to point out maybe the film releasted too fast for the government to stop it!and maybe…just maybe you are all stupid for not looking at the facts instead of just waching! shure it was ment to scare you but also educate you to what might have actually happened.id love to explane more but i’ve posted commens on other sites that have never been actualy posted…dont know why but they never made it on the site.

  26. For those who actually have a brain and a true appreciation for movies, you will love this movie. It plays in to your REAL fears, the acting was great, depiction of “moon life” was great, and was actually one of the few films that took “real footage” and made it entreating to watch (without making you dizzy). It was well done!

  27. It is just my opinion that if you think life does not exist beyond our planet you are incorrect. If you look at space and see how vast it is, it just pretty much says for it’s self. Now with this apollo 18 thing, well I can say that our government does keep secrets from us. DID this happen? only the ones that were involved will know the truth I guess. I feel that movies like this do give people the bad impression that if we meet life from another world it will be out to harm us. I cannot really say for sure if they will or nor, but if someone comes to my house and offends me, of course I will defend that and so would any other life form in that situation. Until we have a real grasp on whats out there I feel we should be cautious but if we are to progress then hey at least say hi first before we say nuke em’

    1. Funny you say nuke em because i was in the backwoods of louisiana last year sometime and was watching from my telescope when guess what … i see something tiny heading for the moon really close to the lunar surface and i figure what is it well the next morning i hear that Nasa or something launched a Nuke at the moon, now i did not see a typical fission detonation like you think of here which makes sense because in vacuum a nuke behaves entirely differently, i saw it impact but because of f%^%$ bad weather i missed part of it so the question is why would nasa or any one with a brain nuke something without atmosphere as the blast would just harmlessly bounce off the lunar surface like a gas cloud and probably look like just that a puff of smoke I think that something else is going on and the nuke is a diversion. have fun bickering bye

  28. bom pode ate ter sido real algumas partes mai acho que eles resgataram sim as filmagens mas porque nos mostraria??

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  30. Good movie. Nicely scary in the appropriate places. Just a few points for some of your readers. There was no video streaming in 1973 when the movie is said to take place, so the video footage could not have been streamed to earth. There was a time delay of several minutes, (I think) between transmissions leaving the moon and being received on earth. The film they took was on film. It was not developed until the astronauts returned to earth. They did have small chest mounted cameras, but they probably cost an arm and a leg to make, in the 1960’s 1970’s. Computers of that era filled whole rooms and it wasn’t until the mid ’80’s with Steven Jobs and Bill Gates and others that they managed to get smaller. The moon has gravity 1/6th that of earth. The movie didn’t quite get that right. I felt the astronauts were far too grounded. Astronauts have fallen while on the moon, (the real astronauts that is) and they had a very hard job getting back on their feet. As for the discussions of how the film got back to earth, in the movie, the Russian capsule and the American Command Module collided. There is a great possibility that neither vessel survived that. If they did and somehow managed to end up on a return trajectory to earth without proper telemetry they would have burnt up on re-entry. No surviving film.
    As for the spider creatures, life exists in many forms on this planet and in many environments. there are creatures that live in great pressure in the ocean trenches, some that live in or near boiling water and volcanic vents. Many survive in toxic environments. Could live survive on the moon? Why not? It survives in other places. Just because it isn’t exactly like us, doesn’t mean it couldn’t survive.
    Astronomers are always on the lookout for any place that could support life in all its diversity. And they are finding them too.

    1. If they couldn’t stream live video to earth then how was it streamed live in 69 on Apollo 11 and on 13 they streamed live before the spark during chryostir and oxygen tank exploded.

  31. Good movie. Just a few comments, thoughts for your readers. In the 1960’s and ’70’s they didn’t have video streaming. Pictures sent from the moon to the earth were live. The cameras they used were film cameras, digital didn’t exist. That film had to be developed and would have been done on earth when they got back. They did have chest mounted cameras. Likely they would have been very expensive to make, most new technology is, that’s why the public didn’t have that type of camera.
    As for the film making it back to earth, highly unlikely, given the chain of events. The film was in the Russian capsule which collided with the American Command Module. Even if there wasn’t an explosion and the film somehow survived, it then has to get on the right trajectory to reach earth and survive re-entry.
    The moon’s gravity is 1/6th that of earth. The astronauts in the movie didn’t seem to have much problem moving around. Actual astronauts who have been on the moon did. I remember seeing film footage of one who fell, and he had a very hard time getting back on his feet, because of the lack of gravity and the bulkiness of his suit. That’s why they use the grabbers to pick things up. The suits are so bulky, it’s difficult to bend over in them. Not enough bounce.
    Could there be alien life on the moon? Why not? It could be anywhere. Life exists in many forms on earth, living in very toxic environments. In volcanic vents, under the ocean in the deep trenches where the pressure is so great it would crush us in seconds. Life doesn’t have to look like us to be alive or intelligent or self aware. If we expect to find life “out there”, we need to be open to possibilities.

  32. I live near / in a forest. I got bit buy a small spider the size of a nat. It looked like a cross between a normal spider and some other kind of insect… nothing like I have ever seen before. It was very painful for something I could barely even see….. If you turn over a rock in the woods, it is amazing what u might find. The potatoe bug or rolly polly has the ability to bring its head to its tail and close itself into what looks like a small round pebble. It feels and looks like a rock or small pebble but then when there is no danger it will open back up and run away!!!
    I am 52 years old, the longer I live the more I know anything is possible, even rocks that transform into spiders, alien abduction, space flight to the moon and beyond, a burning exploded Super Nova that erupted into what looks like the burner of GOD’s gas stove on the other side of the Universe that just happens to be 6 trillion miles in diameter ( see pictures from the Hubble telescope) or personally knowing the creator of it all…. anything is possible.. even a car that gets 300 miles to the gallon !!!!!

  33. Ok, it’s a movie and they made a good job creating doubts in everybody’s mind. Is it real? Some say yes, some say no. The web site (lunartruth.com) never existed, check and you’ll see.
    So, the word conspiracy comes to mind…Typical. IF there was ever footage of ET would the various governments (US, CCCP, China and others) let the world know? Specially if they killed humans. Can you imagine the mass panic? Already on earth there are hundreds of species with the hability to kill us but fortunately they are not as intelligent (debateable) as us. Or are we dominant beacause we can’t manufacture weapons? On the other hand, not making a big deal about Apollo 18 is a good way of “pretending to ignore”…We have come to age where there is an ever equal debate about everything and everyone believes strongly in what they believe.

    One thing that came to mind watching the movie was “EBOLA Virus”. Fiction or smart thinking from the directors or reality? The first reported case of ebola was on 26th August 1976. Nowadays we get hit by all sorts of viruses to the point where some wonder if they’re manufactured or being released by ice melting. Could those viruses be coming from space? Who knows! One thing thought, if you really believe that we are the only existing intelligent life form in the entire universe then you are plain ignorant and arrogant.

    We are not alone!
    Fox Mulder

    1. ” IF there was ever footage of ET would the various governments (US, CCCP, China and others) let the world know? Specially if they killed humans. Can you imagine the mass panic? ”

      THIS, is the strongest reason to disbelieve the premise of the film. (ignoring the fact that is indisputably a hollywood production with the actors going on to play different roles)

  34. Não conseguio acessar o site que aparece no filme! Isso é uma enganação para nos deixar em duvida?

  35. The website is lunartruth.org, and it is there. he website is just an advertising promo site like many other movies have. This movie is a good suspenseful movie, but it i s a fiction my friends. It does, however imply how much govts can deceive us. It leaves us wondering, if there really is a reason for no more pubic moon missions. That’s all.

  36. Wow some many views and comments! It is a film…..designed to give you enjoyment…nothing else…the website doesnt work because it wasnt meant work, its an advert to drive you back you the film…make of it you want you will…I enjoyed it for want it was…schlock horror…

  37. lunar truth .com is a real site they give you the rundown of the whole 70s decade vand the nasa explorations to the moon.I believe the movie is true;the truthis in front of you in my life time they have not been back to the moon,and look at the mars missions notice how they send rovers the reason for that is you dont want to go to mars trust me that red planet probaly has some of the worst things in existence waiting.the monsters will tear them capsules and space suits to peices

  38. The technology is obvious. We watched Armstrong walk on the moon live, didn’t we? So who is to say footage wasn’t “streamed” back to earth in ’74 from the 16mm cams? Equipment improved drastically between Apollo’s 11 – “18”. in fact, at approximately 9 minutes into the movie as the astronauts are setting up and deploying the Westinghouse motion sensor cameras, mission cotrol confirms the picture quality and tells Capt. Nate, “…Video says first round is on him when you get back.” And, as they begin to venture away from the LEM, they set up a camera atop the rim of a crater they’re working in and exclaim, “We’re leaving this one up here, Tommy, so you can get a better view.” Tommy was in the orbiter, but if he could see the footage live, NASA could, too.
    But the movie clearly uses actors to depict the supposed happenings of “Apollo 18.” I would have thought that if NASA, or anybody else had original footage, the real footage of the astronauts would have been used, to some degree, in the movie.
    Now, on the other side of the coin, the conspiracy theorists believe we never laded on the moon in the first place. If this were the case, how can they now join in on this argument? The CT’s should be the first ones to debunk this whole idea.
    Who is to say whether or not this “Apollo 18” story could be real? he only way to know for sure is to go to the moon and witness the events first hand, and it won’t be me, or anybody else posting here, I’m sure. I just chalk this whole thing up to somebody’s great imagination, a cool story line, and plain fun, thought provoking, Hollywood entertainment.
    By the way, does anybody else have trouble getting onto http://www.lunartruth.com besides me?

  39. As for the website lunartruth.com anyone can buy a domain and not add it to a website. This would make lunartruth.com unreachable. Someone also pointed out that movement at 1/6 gravity would be much MUCH harder than in the movie. If you believe in streaming video back in 1974 then you probably believe we have FTL drives (Fast Than Light) now. Finally it is impossible to keep a secret in the information age. Let a political figure do anything wrong and it well be exposed immediately.

    Obama 2012

  40. I have lost what little faith I had in humanity after reading the comments on here from people thinking this movie is real. The world is full of stupid people doesn’t even begin to describe the idiocracy displayed here. These are the same fools who believe Bush blew up the Twin Towers, the government assassinated JFK, and that the moon landing was filmed in a basement at NASA (wait, crap, that would contradict the other nonsense conspiracy theory these idiots believe).

  41. First of all, it is just a movie. It is not real. Keep watching after it is over and they roll the credits. The credits list the astronauts’ names and the actors who play that character, just like every fiction movie. Not to mention the couple of people who posted the link to this film’s imdb page, which includes the cast of actors, i.e. the astronauts. If you think this was real footage from a real mission that really went to the moon you are a fucktard, which seems to be 95% of everyone who has commented here. I bet you all still believe the Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity are real too.
    I was born in 79 after all of the Apollo stuff. But I still know that Neil Armstrong climbed down the ladder and walked on the moon live on TV. It was a live broadcast and it was recorded here on earth. You can watch TV being broadcast over the air right now. The same principle was used to send audio/video from the moon. That is how Neil and Buzz planting the flag was all watched live in 69. Does no one know history? Though all radio and television is inherently streaming, the term streaming wasn’t even around back then. When it’s radio or tv it’s called broadcasting, ragardless of whether or not it is being recorded..
    My point is it all could have been broadcast from the moon live as it happened and recorded at NASA or the DoD. However, anyone on earth could pick up the signal even if it was encrypted. They couldn’t watch it but everyone would know something was on the moon broadcasting back to the earth. I guess NASA could have used a cover story of landing a probe.
    The astronauts did believe they were only filming and not broadcasting at first. With the exception of at least the motion sensing camera. That appeared to be used like the stationary cameras on all the other Apollo missions for live broadcast back to earth. After the commander was infected they came up with the theory that the DoD knew about the aliens and sent them there on purpose. That is when the commander said they were probably watching them right now, inferring that the cameras where broadcasting live. Which is why later he smashed the cameras while screaming he didn’t want them to watch him anymore. He didn’t know for sure and neither did Ben, which is why towards the end Ben said they would come get him because they would want the film. It never is stated explicitly that the cameras are definitely broadcasting and not just recording but that is what the commander thought was happening. And if you are going along with everything that happened in the movie, most importantly the ships crashing at the end, the only conclusion as to how the footage got back to earth is that is was being broadcast and not just recorded.
    Although now that I wrote that I realize that the hand held cameras were presumably film cameras. The hand helds would have to send the video via radio if the film never got back to earth. I’m pretty sure the hand helds were film and not radio, but, even if they did transmit via radio they would have to be relayed through the LM’s antenna in order to have the signal strength to reach earth. At the end when they abandon the LM to head for the Russian module, the LM was out of commission, so how did the footage from the last part of the movie ever get to earth? Even if the hand held camera Ben had on the Russian module did transmit its video via radio, which it didn’t, the LM was not functioning to relay the signal and the Russian module would not be set up to relay such a signal. So everyone’s bitching about how we are supposed to believe this is real footage from the moon with all the events that seemingly make it impossible for the film to have made it to earth is very valid.
    In short, given everything the movie does actually tell us and show us, the only way all of the footage in the movie could be real is if actual film from the moon was brought safely back to earth. At the same time the movie leaves off with the film being in the Russian module and crashing into the lunar orbiter. As others have stated it would be impossible for either one of the crashed vehicles, or the two smashed together, to survive re-entry. Not to mention it is virtually impossible to believe a crash put them on course back to earth in the first place. So the only explanation that would make any sense would be if another mission was sent to the moon and they boarded the crashed ship and got the film, while not also bringing on board alien moon rock monsters, and bringing it back to earth. Which, if you want people to believe it, even in a movie sense, why not after the supposed real moon film is done at the end of the movie tell that another mission was sent to retrieve the film? That would also be the perfect set up for a sequel: Apollo 19 anyone? Maybe the film makers were planning on a sequel the whole time that would explain all these seeming inconsistencies. But without telling us there was a mission to get the film from Apollo 18, or really explaining how the footage was being broadcast back to earth, it just ends up being another movie that could have been really good but just has too many, or one big plot inconsitency that ruins it, like so many other movies.
    At least it is easy to understand the people who have doubts and questions about how we are supposed to believe this is real footage if seemingly all the film never made it to earth and it never explicitly states the footage was all being broadcast live back to earth where it was recorded. But the people who believe this is real footage and not actors in a movie have no excuse. They are willfully not believing facts and the truth when it is right in front of them. I believe this is the biggest problem humans have always had, since time immemorial, and seemingly we will always have this problem.

    1. Exactly, Unfortunately a lot of people prefers to stay in dreamland – they ‘live’ for the kick it gives then (which takes them further away from reality).

      The sheer number of people in demonstrating lack of common sense is frigthening. But believers don’t think – they believe. And some will do anything to keep their religious beliefs.

  42. The handhelds were definitely film. Ben had all the film that was recorded with him, therefore at least some of the cameras were film cameras and not broadcast cameras. Thus the only way for this film to be believed as having been made from the actual recordings on the moon, the film itself would had to have been brought back from orbit around the moon. Without, I might add, bringing back alien rock spiders.

  43. If everyone wants to continue to say it was streamed back to earth so the film isn’t needed, ( a retarded statement for so many reasons I have already stated earlier), please explain to me how a an astronaut could operate a hand held camera, changing the film and the batteries, and not know that it was also transmitting the images back to earth.
    Every hand held camera I have ever heard of only records; camcorders, digital cameras and so on. Or there are cameras that transmit, like nanny cams. I suppose there are cameras available, like certain nanny cams or security cams that can record themselves and also transmit a signal to somewhere else. And of course any smartphone or tablet can record and transmit via streaming over the internet. (Proper use of the term streaming).
    But this was the early 70’s. People used 16mm film cameras and presumably so did the astronauts. In order to broadcast the camera must turn the image into an electrical signal. A film camera does not do that. It is non electronic. So I guess the DoD made a double camera, first the light is split into two at the lense, then one part goes to the film and exposes it, while the other part goes to an imager and then the image is transmitted. And like I said the astronauts were too stupid to be able to tell this new kind of camera from a regular film camera or someone made it capable of transmitting while looking no different than a regular film camera. And this camera was made just to fool the astronauts when all they had to do was tell them it was a new tv camera that didn’t need film and directly broadcasts everything and the astronauts still would have filmed everything.
    As I mentioned earlier the signal would still have to be relayed through the LM that was disabled during the last part of the movie.
    So clearly the hand held cameras were film and a lot of the movie was from these cameras and the movie left off with said film in a crashed Soviet lunar vehicle full of lethal rock spiders.
    Still would not have been a problem if at the end the movie just said Apollo 19 was sent to retrieve the film later, or something like that. And like I said earlier; that would make a perfect set up for a sequel. Or it could have just been a regular movie and not try to convince everyone it was “real”. Then if everyone dies in a space ship collision and the film never gets to earth, it is just part of the movie and we all got to see what happened because we aren’t watching “real” footage that needs to make it to a movie director and therefore the movie has to explain how the footage got to the director.

    P.S. It is still all fake, It is a fictional movie. It is not real. Two of the guys are on TV shows right now. Ben is played by Warren Christie. He is on Alphas on Syfy. He plays Cameron Hicks. John is played by Ryan Robbins. He is on Sanctuary on Syfy. He plays Henry Foss, a werewolf. He is also on Falling Skies on TNT. He plays Tector.

    1. Dude, seriously, can you contextualize? Run on sentence after run on sentence. It’s like reading a Stephen King book. Try saying what you mean in 25 words rather than 100.

      I do agree with you. From what I read, before all I heard in my head was, “bla, bla, bla”, because you went on and on and on and on and……..

  44. FYI, scientists don’t believe there is life on Europa, only that it may have liquid water under its surface. Earth is the only known planet with liquid water and all life, as we understand it, requires liquid water. As for the reference of Obama winning the Nobel Peace prize while running two wars… He didn’t start them and has already ended one.

  45. yes ramon thank you.

    OK I know that the spiders turning int rocks was edited but parts of the movie is real like when the footage is hasey or blue that is real. also black and white. when you see the russians helment at the corner of the screen that is also real. I know that the goverment knew that russia was the first on the moon but do you really think that the U.S. government is going to tell the public “hey everyone we lost to communists isn’t that cool.”

    And about the fim being streamed to earth not likely but what if they sent the recordes to the guy in orbit then he sent it to the U.S. that is a possibilty.

    also some fake fotage is that u can not run on the moon if you tried the pressrue from your foot step would launch you in the air. but some real footage is when the picture is not good you cans see that when outside they are slow and bounce.

    so most of it is fake but there are a few parts that are 100% true. now since the Russian was alone and trapped he probably went crazy and killed himself. another conclusion is that the russian fell or did somthing to get injured and damaged his suit causeing disoritation lose oxgen and die. or just maby it could be that “something” got him.

    All I know is that the government is trying to cover somthing up and the reason that if someone that has proof that this is real and the government betrayed us can dissapear.(= the government silented them) remember that the government has eyes and ears on everyone everywhere.

    (but you did not hear this from me?????????)

    1. Sorry about the spelling
      But i have one more explanation about the rock spider things. it is that those spiders are not aliens at all but a military experiment to make a living breathing killing machine that went horrbily wrong and they put them in an rocket an shot them to the MOON.

  46. i really don’t understand the american goverment. they sent ”test subjects” to the moon on a secret mission and then they left them for death. even if they were infected, they could’ve at least tested the man first. they just didn’t want this to go out to the public.

  47. i agree with fox mulder, we can’t be the only life in the universe. there have got to be millions of other species of life in the solar system, we are just one of those lifeforms.

  48. beleive what you all want, its very possible….anything is, the fourth kind shows that and so does that mermaid deal on animal planet that the government seized….very possibly a truth

  49. For all the young people on here. I did a report in school on the lunar landing. It was my homework project. I watched as Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon on live TV at the time it happend. Big event in America. Everyone was watching. They had live streaming. We had televisions in our homes then. LOL! OMG! I think htere was a little delay but it was live. We even had instant replay on football games then too.

    I do not know about the rest of this.

  50. look its about a 99.9% chance that this movie is just that a movie, a good movie they did a amazing job w/ recreating the lunar landscape an it does have that 70’s era film look, i thought it was a pretty good movie actually it could of been as cheezy as the blair witch movie’s. Now man kind hasn’t even begun to scratch even 1% of space we have only been to the moon there’s the rest of our solar system w/ the rest of our systems planets an moons an god knows how many more planets an moons are out there. Now aliens don’t have to be advanced w/ space ships etc.. they could be just nasty creatures like those rock spiders, who might not take kindly to us landing on their planet. I wouldn’t put it past NASA or the government not allowing contaminated astronauts to return home maybe they would w/ technology is where it is today, ppl are to excited at times to wanna know if we are or are not alone if were lucky we are alone or they’d be advanced an friendly or they’re monsters who will rip us to shreads in seconds, i hope we are alone or they’re advanced an friendly

  51. 1: its only a film with some real footage
    2: extraterrestrial entities are around us all the time and been here longer than we have.
    3: untrue: “the military and government had technology like we have now 30years ago”..roflmao… so all those smart developers would rather work for a government wage than create a multi billion dollar tech company where they can innovate, improve and advance electronics for much greater reward?where was the iPad in 1974? my grandpa is 100% sure it didn’t exist in his intelligence gathering department.
    4: streaming (digital term)video at 16mm film resolution existed in 1974…roflmao! ye sure …what video processor did they use to multiplex to a digital signal? how big was the buffer? how fast?8k..lol! and then transmitted 300000km…analogue only..that’s it..
    5:the moon is inhabited by aliens and has been for billions of years..do you really think the government would spend all that money just for some moon rocks? why do you think a joint space station was built? to study a vacuum? everything to do with space has got to do with the study of extraterrestrials…except in the really early stages of space travel..that was just ego tripping between 2 cold war enemies.

    1. Ok i know im a little late to the party but we shouldn’t be worryed about being torn to shreds by et lifeforms because as soon as they step foot/claw/hooof on our planet they will most likey die instantly unless they have researched our diseses and bacteria and have made and tested vaccinations for all of them. same would go for humans we won’t be able to shake the hand/claw of any et unntil we have made trialed t

  52. honestly dont tell me u r all from america unbelievable . ur IQ is definately below 2 if u think this movie is real

  53. http://www.lunatruth.com

    If you thought this movie was “just a movie,” you are correct. The footage is filmed. It’s not real. However, the subjects covered are extremely real. And if you don’t take my word for it, please visit that website. I didn’t spell it wrong either, the website http://www.lunartruth.com as shown at the end of the movie does not exist.

  54. I would like to know why my comment was never posted, was it because I gave the link to a REAL website that proves this movie was based on FACT not fiction?

  55. “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”

  56. It was only a movie; the spider ended the fun when we spotted one on the astronaut’s face through his faceplate. Up to that point the film was good because it wasn’t a typical science fiction flick; it would have been much better if the screenwriter had continued our suspense and avoided nausea.
    After such a well done build-up, using what looks like seventies photography for some sequences,
    we expected something much better than a remake of “Green Monkey”, or “The Mist”, on the moon.
    How about weird ruins dated to the Carboniferous, with H.P Lovecraft horrors mummified in the shadows? C’mon, make a spooky science fiction, and don’t bother with just turning the stomach of the audience.

  57. I’m one of the million idiots on in world the believe that America has never land a man on the moon.
    Apollo 18 was worst movie I ever saw, are kindling me really. What a joke. I laughed throughout the movie. You would have be an idiot to believe this crap.

  58. In all honesty I firmly believe that whatever you could imagine in your mind the nifty things the Dept of Defense has you could easily add 70 years of unimaginable to that, easily. What does 70 years ahead do to your nub?

  59. Does everyone here really believe that massive explosive dangerous power is the only way to thrust a giant dart to the moon is the only way? And this was 196fkn9? Wake up a bit.

  60. The Astronauts that have flown every moon mission brought back over 800 pounds of Lunar Rock since our first visit. These samples were given to other countries as gifts and some stored.
    Not long after this mission, all signs of any Lunar Rock have turned up stolen or missing. You can’t even find any in museums.
    All 3 Astronauts were killed in various military exercises in the 1st 3 months since the so-called return. The Government insisted all Astronauts were fine and showed videos of off them, but all the video were taken before the Flight.
    None of their bodies were ever recovered as they all were apparently killed during military training missions after the mission
    Now I’m not sure how anyone life forms can survive without air and regular anatomy. Then access and consume a person but we, as humans and
    If it is true unfortunately they Government made the right decision to not allow any chance of an alien species back to earth but I have a hunch they have this alien and are not telling us.
    The movie is based on events that NASA reported as they’re missions was a going on.
    I would not be surprised by our curiosity that this alien is with us right now. Think about it. Unexplained things happen all the time and we support the explanations.
    I throw all rocks back in the ri

  61. obviously the spider rocks are likely not real. if they didnt put something crazy in the movie would have sucked a hell of alot more than it did. thats not enough to discredit that some of what was shown may have been based off something REAL. there is a reason we havent settled the moon and if it was spider rocks no government would ever tell us period

  62. In fact that the gov has technology 30-50 years in advanced than and even now that do in 2015 and the gov liying. No saprise

  63. It’s just a movie. You can read what ever you like into it. I am quit surprised as to how many people actually think movies are real…derrr If I were to say I rode my push bike on the dark side of the moon, but can’t been seen doing so, done it none the less, had green cheese for lunch with ET,then rode my bike home again, whilst, all the time holding my breath (and I didn’t embolise either, amazing hey!) how many idiots would believe this? Stupid people don’t know they are stupid, and, unfortunately, there is No cure for being an idiot, oh hang on, a cyanide tab would go a long way to eradicating idiots. I will give them away for free, hows’ that sound, good deal, yes!

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